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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Genophoria returns

As it’s probably obvious to the two people who follow my blog, I’ve been on a sort of hiatus. I’be been nursing a torn TFCC with significant debilitating effects on my ability to work/write. Which reminds me… watch out for that pesky lid on your liquid N2 storage units (you think they’ll stay up, but sometimes they won’t). But as my range of motion and quality of life increases, I’m planning my way back to writing about things that I find interesting in the forefronts of science.

A lot has happened since I was gone:

  1. CISPRs: I wrote about the CRISPR/CAS system a while back and now they’re everywhere… with a vengeance! Multiplexed genome targeting of various genomes (including stem cells), guide-RNA mediated gene silencing, and other exciting tools. There are even companies starting to sell these products as evident in my targeted ads on various journal home-pages. I’m sure this is just the beginning… a lot more is coming.
  2. RNA elements: At last the first compendium of sequences bound by various RNA-binding protein was published. It’s in-vitro and limited but still… it’s a huge deal! I’m even more excited because my dear friend Hamed was the fifth co-first author on that paper (yes… there is such thing as 5th co-first author).
  3. Cancer research: there is no shortage of papers (great or otherwise) published on the subject of cancer/cancer metastasis. But it’s not every day that our lab is involved in major steps forward. Well… it may be every day but people have to actually wait until they come out.
  4. And many other things: I had flagged many papers to write about but to be honest a lot of them have lost their “it” factor at this point. I’ll write about some of them in an up-coming post very soon.